Bad credit? No credit? No problem! - Get a Secured Credit Card

Engaging in Credit Repair or Establishing good Credit in Canada is done best in just one applying for and receiving a

"Secured Credit Card"

Canada Credit Advisors is an established financial consultancy organization with the expertise to advise you on how we can provide you

with a way to establish a better lifestyle, while establishing a positive credit position at the same time!

Canada Credit Advisors offers secured credit cards to all Canadians. You enjoy all the benefits of a Canadian credit card,

while building good credit history in Canada.

Are you a discharged from bankruptcy individual?

A new immigrant to Canada?

A student just starting out in adult life?

Newlyweds trying to establish credit towards your first home together?

A newly single divorcee or widow?

An entrepreneur having trouble getting credit from your local bank?

Just one of 5 million Canadians without a credit card?

Your best process to successfully repair a bad credit rating or build your initial credit history
in Canada is through applying for and getting approval for a secured credit card.
Canada Credit Advisors and their team of financial consultants can provide through their network of financial institutions a way to have a virtually guaranteed Secured Credit Card application process specifically for You!
Canada Credit Advisors has a proven program that really does open the doors to virtually all Canadian residents wishing to have a credit bureau recognized credit card.
Canada Credit Advisors is able to offer a unique financial service product specifically designed for those people who have been unable to qualify for traditional unsecured cards due to:

Financial difficulties such as a past bankruptcy you may have incurred in the past,
Lack of a credit history with the credit bureaus or Canadian Banking Institutions relating to a New Canadian status,\
Needing to secure credit for the very first time as an adult,
A recent divorce has you needing credit for the first time in your life,
Establishing business credibility with the need for a credit card,
Even for those who have never established a credit bureau file in the past, a secured credit card assures you a position in the credit bureaus
This is an unsecured credit card, available to you regardless of your bad credit, with a VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED APPROVAL!
Working with our corporate financial contacts we can provide unsecured credit cards REGARDLESS of income, previous bankruptcy, or bad / no credit history.This helps to rebuild and restore your credit score. Our service will guide you to a superb financial instrument designed for building or re-building your credit!

What is a Secured Credit Card?

The Secured Credit Card looks and works just like any other Canadian Credit Card. The only difference is that a secured savings account must be established to open a secured Credit Card account. Some Institutions use a Guaranteed Investment Certificate as security from your initial deposit. The amount placed as a Guarantee remains yours and is the established credit limit as well. Your GIC account serves as security collateral for the secured credit card. Only you and the issuing Corporation will know that the card is secured. Having a Secured Credit Card is an excellent way to begin to establish a positive credit history and is designed especially for people with no credit history, or who have experienced past credit problems. The secured credit card works just as any other card would functionally. It looks just like a regular card, and can be used for all of the same purchases. There is no discernable difference between the secured and unsecured varieties when they are seen or used. As a matter of fact, the same companies that issue unsecured cards also offer the secured alternate. The difference between the two is that a person with bad credit, no credit or who has gone bankrupt can get approval for these because they open a savings account with the card company. Actual deposit requirements vary, but whatever amount is put into the account is the cardholder’s credit card limit in most cases. In other words, they have given their credit card company security that repayment will be made. Apply today and begin your road to achieving credit worthiness as well as enjoying the benefits of a real credit card and all of its uses!