About Us

Canada Credit Advisors is an eleven year old well established financial consultancy firm. We’re located in the Cosmopolitan multicultural city of Montreal. Over the years, we have developed a strong client base by working with them in our specialized division primarily dedicated to helping people with a bad credit history to re-establish their credit, as well as those who have no previous credit history to begin their own correct credit history. We are about helping people. Our service is targeted to time management and removing all the frustrations of not knowing exactly where to go.

Canada Credit Advisors, just like you, found it difficult trying to find specific Canadian financial products and services such as secured credit cards amid the maze of American websites which can prove a very frustrating and fruitless online search. Many US-based sites even advertise Canadian credit cards, Canadian secured credit cards, loans, and credit reports, but once you surf their site, everything is actually for USA residents only. This is why our service and our website Canada Credit Advisors, was created. We've established our online financial resource center to cater to Canadian consumers.

Our goal is to be your number one Financial Services guide for online financial products and services available in Canada. From the many years of seeing the financial health of Canadians struggle with this problem, a defined straightforward recommendation emerged. Canada Credit Advisors found that the only way for Canadians to achieve financial credit bureau health is through creating an established


As a direct result of years of research and networking the Canadian financial sector we now are proud to boast that we major in helping:

  • Clients who were turned down for a credit card due to no credit or poor credit
  • Clients who have had credit problems in the past
  • People who have completed Discharged Bankruptcy
  • Students who have never had credit, or a loan
  • Immigrants who have no credit history in Canada
  • Recent divorced individuals who seek credit for the very first time
That is what we are about!